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When an accident is caused by another person’s carelessness, a negligence claim can often result. Negligence occurs when a person acts in a way that is not consistent with the behavior of a reasonably prudent person under the same set of circumstances. Some examples of negligent behavior include the driver who is too preoccupied with his phone to pay attention to the road and the drug manufacturer who produces a medication known to have extremely harmful side effects.

It is important for people who suffered injuries to be compensated. Many injuries will result in expensive medical bills, missed time at work, and the need for physical therapy and rehabilitation. There is also the possibility that a person will be left with a disability that impacts their ability to work in the future. In order for a person to get the treatment they need to recover, and the support they need moving forward, the law makes it possible for those who have suffered these injuries to hold the responsible party liable.

Since 1999, the Giddens Law Firm has provided dedicated representation to individuals who were harmed in accidents. We know that each claim we handle has a huge impact on our client’s lives and we strive to give our clients the personalized attention they need in order to understand the legal process and how their claim is proceeding. Our attorneys are committed to seeking the best outcome for our clients by developing individualized litigation strategies and fighting to ensure our clients get the compensation that they deserve.

We provide representation to individuals in a wide variety of personal injury claims, including:

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are smaller and lighter than other vehicles and they are quieter and less visible than cars and motorcycles. Despite this, bicyclists often share the same roads as other vehicles. Accidents between cars and bicycles are fairly common, and the cyclist is the one who will typically suffer the serious injuries. It is the responsibility of drivers to pay attention to cyclists, and yet, in reality, many drivers are not as focused on the road as they should be. When a negligent driver causes harm to a cyclist, the cyclist can collect compensation.

Birth Injuries

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone who receives medical care. When medical malpractice impacts a newborn baby, the resulting claims can be highly complex. It is often difficult to know what went wrong, and parents might not know whether or not the doctor made an error. Medical malpractice claims involve complex issues that require an understanding of the medical practice, appropriate treatments, and the use of experts. These cases have a huge impact on the families as birth injuries can lead to disabilities and necessary medical treatment that can be extremely expensive. A successful claim can reduce these burdens for the impacted family.

Car Accidents

Collisions between automobiles are so common that most people will experience one at some point in their lives. Many of these accidents are minor, but some are catastrophic. Negligent drivers are the cause of car accidents in most cases, and if you suffered an injury as the result of one of these drivers, the law allows for you to recover compensation from them.

Motorcycle Accidents

Individuals who ride motorcycles are far more vulnerable than passengers in an automobile. The smaller nature of motorcycles also makes them somewhat harder to see in some circumstances. Of course, if a driver of a vehicle causes a collision with a motorcycle, it’s the motorcyclist who will likely suffer the greater harm. These claims often involve very serious injuries.

NFL Concussion Claims

The Giddens Law Firm is a member of The Players First Program, which is a group of law firms who are collaborating with one another in order to provide representation to NFL players who have suffered head injuries throughout their career. Our attorneys guide our clients through the complex process of collecting a portion of the NFL Concussion Settlement.

Products Liabilities

When a manufacturer fails to create a safe product, either because the design was flawed, there was an error in manufacturing, or simply because they failed to properly warn consumers of a risk, then the manufacturer or seller of that product becomes liable to consumers who suffer an injury from the defective product. Many product liability claims involve pharmaceutical products that create unreasonable risks to those who use them.

Truck Accidents

The sheer size of a tractor-trailer makes it an imposing vehicle. Because of their size and weight, trucks cannot stop as fast as cars and can slide, or jack-knife if they attempt to turn quickly. Hazardous road conditions such as ice are therefore made even more dangerous for individuals driving on the road with trucks. Additionally, truckers often spend extended amounts of time behind the wheel, making it more likely that they will face moments of inattention. Individuals injured in trucking accidents often suffer greatly.

Over the past several years, Mr. Giddens has begun shifting his focus to serving those who have been victims of crashes involving semi-trucks and trailers, and is able to represent the victims as well as the families of those who have passed in such wrecks.  Not only does Mr. Giddens represent the interests of those hurt in these wrecks, but he also studies the trucking industry and follows new developments in it so that he can remain at the forefront of trucking litigation.  Mr. Giddens has served as an ambassador for the implementation of side underride guard protections, which can substantially prevent death or serious injury in nearly 75% of trucking crashes when installed.

Workplace Accidents

While workplace accidents often fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation programs, there are plenty of scenarios that are more complicated, and where an injured person might have additional sources for compensation. This is important because while workers’ compensation covers medical bills and a portion of a person’s lost wages, a personal injury claim has the ability to recover additional forms of compensation, such as damages for pain and suffering.

Wrongful Deaths

When a family loses a loved one in an accident, it is a devastating experience. In addition to the emotional trauma, a family could face financial hardships resulting from the loss of a breadwinner. A wrongful death claim can force the responsible party to pay damages to the family of the deceased individual.

In addition to our work in personal injury claims, our attorneys are experienced in the area of Trust Litigation. Beneficiaries of trusts are owed a fiduciary duty by the trustee who managed their trust. In many cases, a corporate fiduciary manages the trust for the beneficiaries, and in some situations, the fiduciary fails to adequately manage the trust assets. In these cases, the beneficiaries have a right to be compensated for failures on the part of the fiduciary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a claim?

If you do not know whether you have a claim, you should speak with an attorney. Personal injury attorneys know what is required to make a legal claim, and they will be able to look at your case specifically to evaluate it.

What if I might be partially to blame?

In Mississippi, you can collect damages from another person who is liable for your injuries, even if you share some of the blame.

What are damages?

Damages are monetary compensation paid to the injured party by the party who caused the harm. You can collect damage to cover medical bills and lost wages, but also for your pain and suffering. In some cases, where the defendant’s conduct was particularly egregious, it is possible to collect punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant.

Will I have to go to trial?

Most cases settle before they ever reach a trial. This means you and your attorney will work out an amount of compensation with the defendants and avoid actually going to trial. Some cases do go to trial of course, but they are the minority.

Do I need an attorney?

Sometimes following an accident, an insurance company will offer to pay the injured person a settlement. This might seem a lot easier than going through the process of filing a legal claim. However, it is important to note that these offers are often far smaller than the claim is worth.

Additionally, many people do things that hurt their chances in a future claim without even realizing it. An attorney can help you navigate the process, and ensure that you are not going to be taken advantage of by an insurer, or that your actions are not misrepresented and used against you. An attorney can be a powerful advocate and can help your claim succeed.

If you were injured in an accident, you might feel angry, confused, or vulnerable, and you likely have a lot of questions about what to do now. It is important that you find someone who can represent you and look out for your interests.

At Giddens Law Firm, we understand what is at stake, and will work to provide you with the representation you need in order to reach a successful outcome to your claim. Call us today for a free consultation at (601) 355-2022 to learn more about how we can make a difference for you.