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Medical Malpractice Claims

Have you or a loved one been killed or seriously injured due to the negligence of a hospital or physician here in Mississippi? Has a family member been involved in a wreck with a big rig, mack truck or 18-wheeler? Have you been injured as a result of someone else's negligence? If so, it is important that you contact a qualified Mississippi personal injury attorney immediately. It is critical that an immediate and thorough investigation is performed to uncover any possible evidence of negligence and to preserve the scene.

Personal Injury in Mississippi

John D. Giddens P.A. is a boutique firm, which today primarily handles personal injury and mass tort cases. Representing individuals and families impacted by untimely death and catastrophic injury requires exceptional knowledge and solid casework, along with an ability to effectively connect with and share each clients' story. Our staff facilitates clear and concise communication, and Mr. Giddens maintains a personal presence in each case he represents," he reveals. "I'm hands-on. My clients know that when they work with my firm, they will receive vigilant and professional care that is tailored to their cases and their needs."

Giddens explains, "My practice limits legal representation to a small number of serious personal injury and death claims each year. This allows us to better focus on each client's unique needs, to provide those clients with immediate attention and to ensure that each case is attended to with a sense of urgency and purpose. These cases include Auto wrecks, Brain Injuries, Trucking accidents, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice. "When cases have been completed the firm solicits a rated response from each client, and strives to incorporate feedback into their practice procedures. "As many of our clients come to us through attorney referrals, we understand the critical nature of providing them with a positive, professional experience," Giddens remarks. "Our ratings show that clients are consistently pleased with the service and representation that we provide."

Giddens Firm History

John D. Giddens Law Firm is known for its exceptional case preparedness as well as the utilization of cutting-edge technology. The investment in time and resources, states Giddens, is a must when handling high-stakes personal injury cases. During the course of one notable medical malpractice trial, his plaintiff 's brain injury was being questioned by the opposing counsel, whose surveillance video seemed to show a plaintiff with all facilities intact. Giddens was resolute in his efforts to prove the plaintiff 's very real physical damage. In addition to garnering expert witness testimonials from neuropsychologists from New Orleans and Texas, Giddens also provided the jury with an animated -but very lifelike- video craniotomy. "The process was incredibly intricate," he recalls.

"Jurors witnessed firsthand the process of the craniotomy, including hair removal, the opening of the skull to expose dura and then brain matter, and the removal of pieces of the brain." The animation, he asserts, helped the jury to truly grasp the magnitude of the plaintiff 's situation. And the virtual reality made a tremendous impact. Giddens notes, "One juror actually raised his hand and asked to be excused, because he was going to be physically sick from observing the simulated craniotomy." In addition to personal injury cases, Giddens and his associate attorney, Baskin L. Jones, have also become involved in select mass tort cases. The firm continues to represent oyster fisherman in cases against BP, and is working with former players of the National Football League as they embark upon litigation against the NFL for issues pertaining to head trauma and brain injury. Though these will become part of a mass tort, Giddens explains that his clients will benefit from his firm's ongoing and attentive care. "We will continue to partner with larger firms, while maintaining direct communication with our clients," he says. "Our relationships with clients are cultivated and respected, and we ensure that they maintain a connection with the firm they hired." This commitment to personalized representation is critical, explains Giddens, because while clients may opt to become part of a larger case, they remain individuals with very distinct stories. "Each player I've met is dealing with a unique spectrum of problems related to head injuries," he asserts. "We view everyone as his own person with his own needs."

Managing a sense of client individuality within the parameters of the mass tort process requires diligence and purpose; Giddens and his firm maintain direct communication with the appropriate steering committee or subcommittee members if they aren't involved on those boards themselves. Giddens, who is an active member of the American Association for Justice, has established solid collegial relationships with leading attorneys across the country. These connections become invaluable threads in the fabric of complex consumer litigations, ensuring that his clients are not set adrift in a sea of anonymity throughout the process.


If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance in Mississippi, call John D. Giddens Law Firm at (601) 355-2022or Toll Free at (888) 335-2022. The initial consultation with our firm is free of charge, and if we agree to handle your case, 99% of the time we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get for our services if there is a monetary recovery for you and your family. In many cases, a lawsuit must be filed before a certain date, known as a statute of limitations which is the cutoff for claims being filed. Please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.

Time is often not on your side, it is imperative you take immediate action as soon as possible, so please call us today for a free legal consultation and case analysis toll-free @ 1-888-335-2022 .

The text above is from our article in Attorney at Law Magazine of Mississippi where the Giddens Law Firm was honored as law firm of the month.

Article on the Giddens Firm in Attorney At Law Magazine. Jackson, MS
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