How a Mississippi Attorney Can Help You With Your Auto Accident Claim

How a Mississippi Attorney Can Help You With Your Auto Accident Claim
September 18, 2013 msverdict

Automobile accidents occur on a daily basis throughout the state of Mississippi, causing physical, emotional, and financial hardship.  Auto accident attorneys at the Gidden Law Firm in Jackson, Mississippi, have a comprehensive knowledge of Mississippi automobile liability and insurance laws, and are prepared to help you receive just compensation for the injuries you have suffered.  In general, and regardless of the circumstances, experiencing a car accident can be a distressing event.  Whether you’re involved in a serious collision that requires immediate emergency room assistance and hospitalization, or a minor fender-bender leaving you with cosmetic damage, there are likely costs and expenses involved. Simply relying on auto insurance may not adequately cover such financial burdens.  In fact, many auto insurers are known to reject auto accident injury claims.  At best, you may receive a less than sufficient pay out for your auto accident injury settlement.  Often times, these settlements are not even enough to cover your medical bills, or full damages.

An auto accident attorney at Gidden Law Firm can help you get the auto accident injury compensation you are entitled to and deserve.  Do not hesitate to call us prior to contacting your insurance company.  And if you do, it’s important that you are careful about what you disclose to the insurance adjuster regarding the facts of your accident. Knowing what to say or not may relevant to the outcome of your settlement amount.  Generally, the rule is that you should refrain from giving any statements to the other party’s insurance company.  No matter the type of auto accident you sustain damages from, you may be able to receive compensation from any negligent party involved.  The negligent party may be held responsible for your injuries, loss of income and medical expenses, to name a few. Gidden Law Firm can take away the stress and difficulty of dealing with the insurance company, and make sure you get the appropriate pay out to cover your injuries sustained and overall costs.

Mississippi auto accident injuries can cause serious physical and financial harm, and can take place in a number of locations and cause damage in various ways.  More specifically, auto collisions are caused by a range of circumstances including but not limited to, disregarding traffic signals, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, recklessness, speeding, talking on mobile devices or texting, and ignoring dangerous weather or traffic conditions.  Additionally, a range of car accident injuries that may occur include, broken bones, fractures, whiplash, internal injuries, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, concussions, paralysis, and death.

Auto accident injuries can quickly accumulate into large medical bills.  To make matters worse, if you don’t have health insurance, this number can seem incredibly overwhelming.  Many health insurers do not pay auto claims, so even for those of you that do have health insurance, there’s a chance you could be left with the bill.  All of these expenses and costs do not even include potential physical damage to your car, loss of personal possessions in the car, or time missed from work or the loss of potential work opportunities and future earnings if you are unable to work or return to work for an extended period of time.  Auto accidents can be incredibly costly, emotionally, physically and financially.  It’s important that you are aware of what’s at stake and the costs involved for recouping your losses and making you whole.

If you have been in an automobile accident in the Jackson, Mississippi area, contact the Giddens Law Firm as soon as possible.  Call our offices today at 601-355-2022 to learn how our auto accident attorneys may be able to help you!